Road Riders 

Road Riders
The road riding section of the club offers its members a variety of events to participate in during the course of the year.
Road runs are organised using the drop off system, so all riders can enjoy the ride-out without the need to race, or worry about losing the group. You will be paired with another rider until you are happy with how the drop off works. All types of bikes are welcome in the club and at present you will find a wide variety.
You can participate in as many ride-outs as you like. Ride when it suits you.
We use a variety of interesting roads on our ride-outs, trying to avoid dual carriageways and motorways where possible.

During the warmer months we have evening runs on Wednesdays; currently leaving Applegreen Service Station at 7:30, they are usually approximately 45 miles in distance to a pub or sometimes to a Fish 'n' Chip restaurant. At the end of September some members continue to go out on ride outs, but for those who no longer wish to go out in the dark, wet and cold we meet in the clubhouse at 8:00. the clubhouse is due to reopen in September, details will be on the website when known.There are also a number of other organised events on Wednesday evenings i.e. bowling, quiz nights, film shows, etc.

There is a Sunday breakfast and lunch run each month, breakfast runs currently leave the Applegreen Service Station at 9:00 and lunch runs leave at 11:00. During the warmer months the runs sometimes continue after the meal to take advantage of the weather.

We also organise weekend tours and runs to functions and places of interest. Some members take part in the Welsh Rally and National Rally. Most years there is a European tour.

A camping weekend has also become a popular event with members.

A major event in the clubs calendar is a Charity Ride which this year the club has had to cancel because of the pandemic but is hoped to resume next year.

You can click here to look at the "What's On" page for a list of up and coming events.


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